[See Rule3(1)]

Application of allotment of Director Identification Number

Please make a payment of Rs.100 by accessing DIN application fee option under Pay Miscellaneous Fee on the portal. You are required to send the DIN application to the DIN cell only after payment has been made.
Service Request Number(SRN) of fee paid :
(To be filled by the applicant after making payment with respect to provisional DIN)
Provisional Director Identification Number(DIN) :
(Not to be filled by the applicant as it is generated by the system)
Applicant's name (Enter full name and do not use abbreviations)  Photograph
  1(a). First name* :
Affix a latest passport size photograph and get it attested/ certified for submission of physical copy of the form with MCA)
  1(b). Last name* :
  1(c). Middle name :
Father's name (Even married women must give father's name) 
  2(a). First name* :
  2(b). Last name* :
  2(c). Middle name :
  3. Whether a citizen of India* : Yes No
  4. Nationality :
  5. Date of birth* : CALENDAR(dd/mm/yyyy)
  6. Gender* :
  7. Place of birth 
  8. Income tax permanent account number  (Signature of the applicant)
  9. Voter's identity card number : Signature should be within the Box.
  10. Passport number :
  11. Driving license number 
Permanent residential address 
  12(a). Line I* :
            Line II :
  12(b). City* :
  12(c). State* :
  12(d). Country* :
  12(e). Pin code* :
  12(f). Phone :
  12(g). Fax :
  12(h). Email ID* :
  13. Whether present residential address is same as permanent residential address* : Yes No
Present residential address 
  14(a). Line I :
               Line II :
  14(b). City :
  14(c). State :
  14(d). Country :
  14(e). Pin code :
  14(f). Phone :
  14(g). Fax :
*Mandatory Field
Instruction Kit
Following documents are being enclosed :

Proof of identity (Tick against the document being enclosed) 
 1.  Passport
 2.  Election (voter identity) card
 3.  Driving license
 4.  Income-tax PAN card
 5.  Others-Please Specify

Proof of residence (Tick against the document being enclosed) 
 1.  Passport
 2.  Election (voter identity) card
 3.  Ration card
 4.  Driving license
 5.  Electricity bill
 6.  Telephone bill
 7.  Bank account statement
 8.  Others-Please Specify

son/daughter of 
resident of 
hereby declare and verify that the information given in this application and the documents enclosed is correct and complete. I confirm that I do not possess and have not been allotted another Director Identification Number by the Central Government. I also confirm that no other application (including physical documents) submitted by me is pending for allotment of Director Identification Number. 

Signature of the applicant (to be signed for submission of physical copy of the form with MCA)  

Dated    (dd/mm/yyyy)

General Guidelines For DIN Application 
1.  Obtain Provisional DIN  The applicant should first fill in the application on-line, generate a provisional DIN and then take a print out for dispatch to the DIN Processing Cell. An application without a provisional DIN cannot be accepted for further process and would merit straight rejection. 
2.  Attestation/ certification of photograph , proof of identity and proof of residence  A Public Notary or a Gazette Officer of a Government or a Practicing professional (Chartered Accountant/ Company Secretary/ Cost Accountant) or a Company Secretary in full time employment of the company. 
3.  Particulars of the attesting / certifying authority  The attesting authority must indicate the following while attesting the documents:- (i) Signatures; (ii) Name in full in Capitals; (iii) Registration No.; and (iv) Seal/ Stamp. 
4.  Language of proofs for identity and residence  In case the proof of identity and proof of residence is in a language other than Hindi or English, a certified copy of translation of the same in Hindi or English should be enclosed and the translation be also certified by the professional who has otherwise certified the said proofs. 
5.  Date of Birth  The proof of identify enclosed with DIN Form should also contain the Date of Birth of the applicant and the same should match the Date of Birth filled in the application form. In case the proof of identify does not indicate the Date of Birth then additional proof of Date of Birth, duly certified/ attested, should be attached. 
6.  Father's Name  The proof of Identity enclosed with DIN form should also contain the Father's Name of the applicant and the same should match the Father's Name filled in the application form.In case the proof of Identity does not indicate the Father's Name then additional proof of Father's Name, duly certified/attested, should be attached. 
7.  Process for applicants who are (i) Indian citizens residing abroad; (ii) foreign nationals residing in India; and (iii) foreign nationals residing outside India  While general conditions as mentioned at Sr.No. 1, 3, 4 and 5 would be applicable in these categories also, the certification of attached documents and the photograph may be done by a notary in the home country of the applicant or the Managing Director/ CEO of the Company on which he is a Director or the Company Secretary in full time employment of the Company. Further, in the case of a Foreign National, certified copy of the valid passport should be enclosed. 

               For office use only:
               Signature of the Authorizing Officer  
               Dated    (dd/mm/yyyy)